PeerDrive is a open source file system to securely store, organize, share and sync your files from everywhere. It is built on a purely distributed peer-to-peer data model and will be a perfect solution when you need your data on different devices in different locations without relying on a permanent network connection or central infrastructure.

Currently PeerDrive is in the alpha stage and hence (unless you’re really brave) not ready for productive use. The basic design is settled and there is a prototype implementation of the file system in Erlang. Mounting via FUSE/Dokan, network transparency and automatic synchronization/replication are roughly working. Additionally some small GUI applications exist to demonstrate the full feature set.

The features


PeerDrive is mountable as a regular file system through FUSE and Dokan, thus supporting all major operating systems. All objects in PeerDrive are versioned so you never have to worry overwriting or losing important data again. If the application is PeerDrive aware you even have to never save your work explicitly. A new version is created when you close a document or whenever you like.


All PeerDrive volumes can be synchronized directly, either locally or through the network. No central server or infrastructure is needed. The synchronization will just update documents which are shared between the volumes and that have been changed since the last synchronization. All types of conflicts are handled and no data will be lost because the objects history is always kept.


Backups are integrated seemlessly in PeerDrive and are just a matter of adding a synchronization rule. All new versions are forwarded to the backup volume and kept there forever. Optionally, very old versions can be deleted from the local volume to free disk space. The old versions of a file are instantly available as soon as the backup volume is mounted.


PeerDrive allows you to organize your files in arbitrary, non-hierarchical ways. The links between folders and files are location independent and work reliably across volume boundaries. Additionally any meta data, including links to other files, can be added to a file or folder.


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