Status and next steps

29 Oct 2011

Currently PeerDrive is already quite usable if you’re not too attached to the files that you’ll put into it. :) In fact I’m already using it every day with some colleagues to synchronize common files between our laptops. Real data loss should be very unlikely (after all, everything is version controlled in PeerDrive!) unless the disk gets full, hard IO errors or if there is some corruption in the underlying OS file system, e.g. due to a power outage.

The next steps are to make the synchronization more robust. In the good case the synchronization is already reliable but the recovery from errors is not so good yet. Also, the user should be notified when something goes wrong. Finally, even if something bad has happened, the user should get the tools to fix up the mess.

In the future I’ll blog every now and then when interesting new features were implemented. But as I’m better at writing code than posting blog entries don’t expect too lengthy updates. ;-)