Announcing first release of PeerDrive

07 Aug 2012

I’m happy to announce the first release of PeerDrive (0.1.0). This is a major milestone of the project which has been cooking silently since the last three years in my spare time.

Current status

So for what it is useful at the moment? Well, you can already use it as regular file system to store your files. PeerDrive will automatically keep the history of all files and folders and you can easily sync them, either locally or through the network. Think of it as a git-like file system without the restriction to synchronize the whole tree but only the parts that you want.

But more importantly, it lays the foundation of a coherent filing system that goes far beyond the limited hierarchical file systems that we all use today. PeerDrive brings the building blocks to enable non-hierarchical organization of your data, reliable, extensible meta data and distributed access, synchronization and versioning. As such it is capable of providing an integrated solution to otherwise isolated, domain specific services/protocols (e.g. DropBox, TimeMachine, SyncML, *DAV) and to bring file management back on par with todays user expectations.

Call for contributors

Help would be very much appreciated! Basically the current state is just the beginning of a probably very long journey. PeerDrive will make most sense with native applications that unleash the full potentials. The current server and client applications desperately need improvements, bug fixes, documentation, translation, you name it. Other implementations of the PeerDrive file system model are also highly encouraged. After all PeerDrive’s strength should be to build an open ecosystem as opposed to walled gardens like DropBox, SkyDrive et al.


As the version number 0.1.0 suggests this release is far from being stable. You may experience data loss, especially if the PeerDrive server is not shut down properly, there is no fsck utility yet and APIs may change in backwards incompatible ways. Still, PeerDrive is already usable and provides an exciting potential, IMHO.