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State Graduated Driver Licensing Laws

Parents may not know where to start when it comes to setting driving rules for their teens. The best place to begin is by learning about Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws. Although GDL provisions vary by state, all GDL programs are in place to ensure teens gradually and safely gain the experience they need.

GDL laws have reduced teenage driver crashes. Most states now have at least minimum requirements for basic GDL features, although there is substantial opportunity for strengthening existing policies. Additional upgrades would result in further crash reductions, but very few have been made in recent years.

Strong state GDL programs can help to address inexperience by improving driving opportunities for teens to gain experience in lower-risk driving situations. To further reduce the number of deaths and injuries from teen driver-related crashes, state GDL laws should also target key behaviors of teens in cars that are known to raise the risk of crashing (distracted driving, impaired driving) or that are known to increase the likelihood of injury or death if a crash occurs (lack of seat belt use).

To make it easy for parents and teens to learn about their state GDL laws, we created an interactive map to access this information. Just click on your state and follow the link provided.


State GDL Info
Alabama (AL) Read More
Alaska (AK) Read More
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Arkansas (AR) Read More
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Colorado (CO) Read More
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Delaware (DE) Read More
District of Columbia (DC) Read More
Florida (FL) Read More
Georgia (GA) Read More
Hawaii (HI) Read More
Idaho (ID) Read More
Illinois (IL) Read More
Indiana (IN) Read More
Iowa (IA) Read More
Kansas (KS) Read More
Kentucky (KY) Read More
Louisiana (LA) Read More
Maine (ME) Read More
Maryland (MD) Read More
Massachusetts (MA) Read More
Michigan (MI) Read More
Minnesota (MN) Read More
Mississippi (MS) Read More
Missouri (MO) Read More
Montana (MT) Read More
Nebraska (NE) Read More
Nevada (NV) Read More
New Hampshire (NH) Read More
New Jersey (NJ) Read More
New Mexico (NM) Read More
New York (NY) Read More
North Carolina (NC) Read More
North Dakota (ND) Read More
Ohio (OH) Read More
Oklahoma (OK) Read More
Oregon (OR) Read More
Pennsylvania (PA) Read More
Rhode Island (RI) Read More
South Carolina (SC) Read More
South Dakota (SD) Read More
Tennessee (TN) Read More
Texas (TX) Read More
Utah (UT) Read More
Vermont (VT) Read More
Virginia (VA) Read More
Washington (WA) Read More
Washington, D.C. Read More
West Virginia (WV) Read More
Wisconsin (WI) Read More
Wyoming (WY) Read More

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